CAPP CONVERSATIONS: Bharat Petroleum’s Plastic in Roadway

Episode 2 of our Season 1 webcast series produced by our Season 1 CAPP Interns, the winning student team

Interview with Mr. Manesh Kasture, Bharat Petroleum

Q1: What were the biggest challenges you faced? 00:01:00

Q2: What inspires you to keep going? 00:03:19

Q3: What are the socioeconomic & environmental impact? 00:04:30

Q4: Have you collaborated with other similar organizations? If yes could you please name them. 00:05:59

Q5: By what scale has the plastic waste problem reduced after implementing this initiative? 00:07:06

Q6:  By which year do you believe India will be significantly free from plastic waste and have robust waste management system 00:07:59

Q7: What are your insights on the growth of the Indian plastic recycling industry? 00:09:34

Q8: Do you think banning plastic is an effective strategy? 00:10:27

Q9: What would your advice be to all those who wish to do something similar in their respective local communities? What are the steps to be followed? 00:11:21

From the Student Team

The 2nd Place Case Study (View Here) and Pitch Presentation

Highlights from Interview

Produced by our Student Interns (6 minutes)

Our CAPP Interns: Season 1’s Winning Team

Shruti Belose

SIES Graduate School of Technology,

University of Mumbai

LinkedIn Profile

A printing & packaging engineer student who is fascinated by the companies that combine Innovation, Technology & Creativity. Given the world’s attention to limiting plastics in packaging, the opportunity to work with a forward-thinking company would be ideal. At SIES, I have focused my academic studies on Packaging Development, Plastic in Packaging & Plastic Processing. The most interesting areas where I can add value after graduation would be Packaging Development, Plastic Processing and its technologies to come up with innovative and unique solutions that can help make a better future.

Aarti Desai

SIES Graduate School of Technology,

University of Mumbai

LinkedIn Profile

A passionate packaging engineering student eager to collaborate for developing sustainable packages that solve real world problems. Recipient of the ‘Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Young Research Fellowship’ for assisting with research aimed at providing a biodegradable alternative to plastic. Well versed with Packaging guidelines, designs and trends, I am seeking an opportunity in a Packaging solutions-providing company which has a comprehensive portfolio of packaging solutions wherein I can put my practical research skills to work and get the right exposure for holistic career development.

Shalini Narayan Mudaliar

SIES Graduate School of Technology,

University of Mumbai

LinkedIn Profile

Passionately pursuing Printing & packaging Technology from Mumbai University. I am an energetic, dedicated & enthusiastic person who is always curious to learn & explore more. I am eager to secure challenging & potential career opportunities, especially related to supply chain management, sustainable packaging, recycling sectors & innovative packaging. I’m looking forward for internship opportunities to work in an growth oriented environment with the scope of learning, innovation & career development.

Prathamesh Patil

SIES Graduate School of Technology,

University of Mumbai

LinkedIn Profile

I’m an energetic, systems-thinking, solution-oriented person, aiming beyond sustainability to regenerative. I have a keenness for connecting the dots at the intersection of

sustainability, innovation, & economics. I love using creativity to unlock the hidden value in overlooked resources, and enjoy working

collaboratively. As a packaging & printing engineer, I am actively seeking internship opportunities to work in a growth-oriented

environment, with the scope of learning, innovation and career development.


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